CT Entrepreneur & Medical Cannabis Patient Offering Countertop Vaporizer for the Home

Topstone is not an accessory: it is an investment in your relationship with concentrates.

Norwalk, CT

In 2012, Connecticut residents with conditions ranging from glaucoma to Parkinson's disease had the opportunity to try a new treatment: legalized medical cannabis.

The rising tide of legalization has eroded cannabis stigma across the nation, allowing people to utilize the benefits without feeling illicit. Topstone Projects aims to positively shape cannabis culture with the launch of their first vaporizer. The vaporizer is manufactured completely in the US. Topstone prioritizes use of high quality materials and local machining partnerships. It is the highest-end vaporizer that still complements the day-to-day life of medical patients.

Co-founder William Bosch was prescribed medical cannabis in 2014. He gravitated towards concentrates because they delivered more reliable relief at a smaller dosage. His first vaporizer designs were for his own use: he spent two years incorporating the prototype into his daily recovery regime. Will is has now expanded his project into a public product. He creates vaporizers in small batches to ensure he can still oversee every aspect of material, fit, and finish.

The materials for the piece are all sourced from within the US, mainly in the northeast. Topstone decided against the popular use of plastics and polymers. Instead, the piece integrates organic elements like the bocote wood mouthpiece and glass chamber alongside 3D printed stainless steel and the laser-etched body.

Will drew inspiration for the vaporizer from professional cycling, an industry he was involved with before starting Topstone. “In cycling, you see a combination of function with a real sense of lifestyle; it’s about the feeling you get when you're on a bike perfectly fitted to you,” he explains. “I wanted to bring that into the experience of concentrates, where we’re delivering functionality, of course, but also this feeling of cleanliness and luxury. It’s not illicit anymore -- you can leave this out on your countertop and it would fit right in with your espresso machine and whatever else.”

Topstone offers a distinctly artisanal vaporizer experience. The striking visual design is underscored by functional innovations, including intake box design and twist-off joints, that Topstone was awarded patents for in 2016. The launch of this vaporizer represents Connecticut entrepreneurship and innovation in our own local cannabis community.

About Topstone Projects, LLC: Topstone is a two-person team based in Norwalk, CT. Will and Violet first met in 2010 and they began working on vaporizer prototypes in 2014 after Will became a part of the CT medical cannabis system. The vaporizer is available for purchase on the Topstone website and in the eshop of the Hemponair Magazine.

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